Localization management service

Built Better Projects

Get quality translations for your apps and websites 


The most cost-effective solution for localization online platform

Work with your Team

Invite team members to the project and work together

Flexible integrations

Simple REST API automates the localization management

A localization platform that moves as fast as you do

Build your own integrations using our powerful API to fully automate your localization workflow.

Automatic Translation

Automatic Translation offers the possibility to work with the translation engines from Google and DeepL

Built for every type of project

Whether you are translating a website, mobile or desktop app, AZbox gives you all the tools and power you need to manage your localization process


Automates the localization management. Let the API automate your localization workflow and forget about manually managing your localization projects.

Integrated with your favourite tools

You can connect AZBox with your integrations without doing any changes in the application code!

GitHub and Bitbucket integration

Connect your repos to your AZbox account to quickly communicate data between our localization platform and GitHub and Bitbucket

Data Migration

Import data from Excel or CSV file, and export it at any time to the Excel/CSV/JSON format


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The Leanest, Fastest, and Most Reliable Localization Platform. Simple translation management for software projects. Translation hosting, collaboration and machine translations for your multi-language project.
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