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A Guide to Flutter Localization

More and more people are learning English every day. Still, there is a huge number of people who don’t understand or speak English. Although youRead More »

International Strategy: What It Is, and Why Companies Adopt It

Discover what makes an international strategy beneficial for companies on track for global growth, especially in the early stages of expanding globally. Your company isRead More »

How to Increase App Downloads in 10 Simple Steps

Wondering how to increase app downloads? A strategic focus on localization can help you do it simply and effectively. Why people’s phones are stuffed withRead More »

How to Choose the Best Machine Translation Engine

Most companies have come to see machine translation as a viable productivity tool, but with so many MT engines on the market, how do youRead More »

Automatic Translation: What It Is, and When You Should Use It

In “2001: A Space Odyssey,” HAL, the computer, can speak and play chess. By 2001, computers could play chess at grandmaster level, but even today,Read More »

What Is Continuous Localization, and Why Is It Important?

Continuous localization is about integrating translation into agile software development to enable uninterrupted multilingual content delivery. Here's how it works. Agile has taken the softwareRead More »
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